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We generate and develop opportunities to create an impact at different social levels. We focus on the production of an art with critical thinking, sustainable, innovative and aware of the situations of the contemporary world to give rise to a social impact.

In Xacara

Cultural and Educational Organisations

Artists and Cultural Practitioners  

  Inclusion and Diversity Projects

What  we do?

XACARA offers a range of tailored surport for artists and creative entrepreneurs to develop their creative and cultural projects such as:


- Links to galleries, forums, festivals and cultural spaces

- National and international connections and exchanges

- Fundraising suport for cultural projects and events

- One to one mentoring and coaching for emerging artsits

- Cultural management

- Event Production

- Cultural and arts evaluation

- Marketing support

- A range of workshops

“Talent is everywhere: opportunities not.”  

Darren Henley, Arts Council England.

Xacara Made by artists for artists
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